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We offer a simple way to become partners. We appreciate your interest in our wine cabinet products and we will be glad to provide any information. To discuss all aspects of partnering, please email us to info@wcimp.comor call us at 408-277-0110

Purchase our products from authorized dealers only!!!

Shipping Information:

Wine Cellar Impressions does not make any profit from the shipping service provided. Once you have selected your wine cabinet, and provided us with the shipping address we will determine the exact cost. Depending on your destination or location basing on city & zip code provided. You can LINK to Freight Center (800) 716-7608 (Ext.1213) Heidi Smith to get an quote on shipping.  You can also provide your own company to pick up the cabinet here in San Jose CA 95125

Please do not hesitate to contact or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

Vintage Cellars

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